Who we are?

Agriculture Journalist Association of India (AJAI) is a national-level forum that works with a vision to promote the highest standards amongst the communicators including journalists and photographers, who have dedicated their lives and works to farming, dairy, horticulture, fisheries, floriculture, food production or rural affairs, in essence - anything to do with the agriculture industry. AJAI is all set to work as a one-stop platform to address the varied issues of agri journalism. The association will also work towards knitting the industry together by organizing seminars, talks, workshops and events for its honourable members and create opportunities to interact with the eminent personalities of the industry.


Why Join?

Agriculture Journalist Association of India (AJAI) will help protect its member's interests and provide an identity to represent the unattended problems of agri journalism collectively through print media, electronic media, social media, etc. It will not only present the issues before the appropriate authorities but will also leave no stone unturned to resolve them. As AJAI works towards knowledge enhancement and contact building through meetings and events, our privileged members will get the benefits of getting in touch with similar international associations and businesses.


Benefits of AJAI

  • Professional networking and development.
  • Continuous learning opportunities.
  • Privilege to attend events, workshops, and seminars.
  • Welfare rights of agri media personnel.
  • Dedicated to defending and protecting the rights of agri journalists. Basically, works towards elevating the standards of agri journalism.
  • Ensuring social, legal (providing legal help), and financial protection.

AJAI provides a professional platform through business meetings, talks, classes, workshops, training, webinars, and other interactive activities for its members to meet the crème de la crème of our industry. Affiliated members are mandated to attend annual general meetings and other activities once a year.