Governing Body

The association’s governing body will be headed by the President, followed by its Vice President, a Treasurer, and an Executive Secretary, along with other five Executive members. The governing body shall elect its office bearers in the Annual General Meeting, which will take place once in three years. The secret ballot paper shall be the mode of election. The membership will be open to all agricultural journalists who meet the association’s membership criteria.*


  • The President shall preside over all the meetings,
  • The President shall be responsible for chairing the meetings of the general body and the governing body,
  • Guiding the Treasurer and Executive Secretary in discharging their duties,
  • He will lead all the programs and activities of the society,
  • The President can call any urgent meeting if she/he sees the need,
  • At the time of voting on any matter/subject (i.e. during Elections), in case, the total number of votes is equal on both sides, then the President has the power to cast an extra vote to decide on the subject/matter,
  • The President shall have the power to allow the inclusion of any subject/matter in the agenda for the discussion in the course of proceeding/meeting,
  • The President will sign all the papers, documents, and letters on behalf of the society to conduct its correspondence.


Vice President

  • The Vice President of the society will take care of all the powers and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.


  • To maintain or cause to maintain regular accounts to prepare an annual statement of association and submit the same to the governing body of the society,
  • To receive or cause to receive and disburse and cause to disburse amount and to incur expenditure as per the budget estimated approved by the governing body,
  • To submit financial records before related and required authorities to fulfill statutory obligations,
  • To provide leadership and guidance in order to raise funds for work to achieve the objective of society,
  • Monitor and observe all the operations of the bank.

Executive Secretary

  • The Executive Secretary will be responsible to assist the President and Treasurer in all the works of the society related to all the activities that fulfill the objective of the society,
  • Maintain records of the proceedings of all the meetings of the general body and the governance body,
  • To maintain a list of members of the society and data pertaining to their activities,
  • To do all correspondence, far and on behalf of the association to have custody of records, files, etc.,
  • To carryout day-to-day operational work of society at the head office and to have superintendence over the office and its staff,
  • Prepare annual report and submit it to the governing body within the prescribed time frame,
  • To publish bulletins, magazines and other literature in order to achieve the objective of the society as directed by the governing body,
  • Responsible to all executive members for various programs and activities to promote the objectives of the society as decided by the governing body,
  • To submit records before the registrar of any other authority and fulfill all statutory obligations.