The membership of the society is open to an agriculture journalist who has attained an age limit of 18, who has not been adjudged as insolvent or never detained for any offence involving moral turpitude. The agriculture journalist can apply for the following membership categories of the association.

To revise the membership and subscription Fees defined under section II of Rules and Regulations of Agriculture Journalist Association of India. The Board decided to adopt the following new membership Class and criteria for the membership in place of (1) Ordinary/ General Member (2) Honorary Member (3) Associate Member and (4) Life Member and inclusion of Institutional/ Corporate membership and subscription fees.

Following resolution has been adopted by the governing body unanimously:

    1. Honorary Members

Fellow Members are Senior Members (50 years of age or older by January 1 of the year the person is joined as ordinary member / or nominated / selected and who, except under unusual circumstances, have been members of the Association during the preceding two years) who have been honored with a membership as a result of significant administrative, educational, and contributions to the profession as Journalism.

Privileges accruing to this class of membership shall not be less than the privileges enjoyed by any other Members of the Association. Nominations for this class of membership may be made by any Founder member of the Association and there is no memberships for Honorary members. 

    2. Ordinary /General Members

Ordinary / General Members are the members whose interests are in the field of Journalism and have a formal working relationship with the AJAI. This class of membership is divided into two subgroups (1) One-time enrollment subscription fees (2) Members defaulting in subsequent years on account of non-payment of subscription at the discretion of the founder Members of AJAI. They have to renew their membership every year. There shall be voting rights for this class of members. The subscription fee is Rs.100 per annum.

    3. Associate Members

Associate Members are persons who lack the necessary qualifications for holding a post in office or participate in elections as an ordinary member but who have sufficient interest in Journalism, may apply for membership. The membership includes the benefits of an Ordinary/General Member except that Associate Member may not hold office or vote. The membership fee would be Rs. 1000 per annum.

    4. Life Members

Life Members are persons who have been nominated by the governing body and approved by the President as persons worthy of ‘Life Membership’ in the Association. Privileges accruing to this class of membership shall not be less than privileges enjoyed by any Ordinary/General Member of the Association. The Membership fee for this category is Rs. 5000 for a lifetime.

    5. Corporate / Institutional Members

Since the objective of AJAI is to provide a platform to all Corporates/Institutions/ Cooperatives / Societies / Association and NGOs for sharing information of their respective fields, be it national or international, and promote sustainable development in agriculture and allied activities and conduct the meetings on behalf of its members’ interest. One of AJAI’s mandates is to improve the network between agricultural journalists across the country. The society will be a bridge between its stakeholders and other agricultural-related organizations through meetings, workshops, trainings, webinars and other such interactive activities. In this context, it is proposed that the membership categories under this should be as under:

    A. Corporate Membership

A company having more than 100 Cr. and above turnover can be offered the membership of AJAI under Corporate Membership. The Membership fee under this category for a annum is Rs. 10 Lac. And if the turnover is less than 100 Cr. the company is entitled for Corporate Membership for the annum at a fee of INR 5 Lac.

Any Society/Association/NGO can join AJAI under this Corporate category and the fee would be INR 2.5 Lac for annum. However, they can opt for an annual membership as well for which INR 1 Lac is the admission fee, while INR 1 Lac is the renewal fee.

   B. Institutional Membership

Any Institution/University/College can become a member of AJAI under Institutional Membership for which the fee is INR 1 Lac for a annum.
INR 10,000/- is the admission fee and INR 10,000/-  is the renewal fee.

All the above categories under Corporate Membership/Institutional Membership once approved by the GB, the nominated person/authorized person can hold office or vote.

Right and Privilege of Memberships

  • All the members will be entitled to participate in meetings, cultural/educational functions, and other gatherings, called/arrange by the Association.
  • Identity card will be issued to the members after depositing the required/prescribed fee.
  • Voting rights at the meeting of Association.


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